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The Company That Cares … The Company You Keep!

Our life has its daily ups and downs, we get used to this cycle, and many of us can find ways to cope. However, there are also those who experience way more than they can handle and begin to question everything. But don’t feel isolated! There’s always something you can do. Start by assessing your personal and professional interactions with the people in your life.

Here are a few questions that help identify what can contribute to the roller coaster of feelings you encounter:

  • Are you unaware of your partner’s expectations?

  • Do you take more responsibility than you can handle, despite feeling that others have less ownership or accountability?

  • Do you feel that there are certain relationships that emit a negative aura in your daily life?

  • Are you ignoring the red flags?

  • Are you not paying attention to your gut feeling?

If your answers are YES to the above, it’s time to address your quality of life. There are several ways to figure this out.

  • Have an open conversation with your partner to understand what’s working in your relationship, and what’s not. Be honest and transparent as this is the only way to know each other’s expectations. Calmly discuss the negatives, while putting a plan in place to achieve the positives. Then, both of you should make a commitment to change and thrive.

  • When you are overwhelmed with professional and personal responsibilities, it’s time to say no and slow down. You can still be committed, but you need to make it manageable. You’ve got hidden superpowers; however, you need to practice moderation to know which ones you can catapult to a stronger skill set and make it an enjoyable journey.

  • Don’t underestimate your gut feelings! These are your natural alarms. Your inner feelings often tell you when something doesn’t feel right, you need to listen and make a personal assessment.

We always say that life is short, but many are ignoring their own quality of life. Sometimes, that will mean deciding which toxic relationships you free yourself from … partners, relatives, friends, neighbors, bosses, co-workers, and anyone in between.

Putting a priority on loving yourself is the best thing you can do, and focusing on your health and mental well-being should be on top.

When you are mentally and emotionally healthy, you have more love to give. And once you achieve this wonderful life balance, you’ll feel energized to improve your physical health, too! It’s a domino effect towards making your life an enjoyable journey.


Let’s do this folks … we at Karmascore care about your well-being, so let's take some action today. The company that cares … is the company you keep!

By Virginia C. Dori, CMO at Karmascore

Nurture • Measure • Thrive

Karmascore is woman-founded relationship analytics company, a mobile app solution for relationship management and scoring, for today’s focus on selfcare and mental wellness. It’s the first of its kind that tracks progress and efficiency, to build and manage better relationships, measure the moments that matter and eliminate stress. Download our free app from iOS or Google Play App Store, and for more information visit:

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