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Get to know KARMASCORE


Karmascore is a relationship analytics company, that helps users manage their relationship roster, especially for people users are dating.


It helps you visualize (with a "Karmascore") what you are investing and receiving in your interpersonal relationships. By doing so it lets users identify what they value most from their relationships.

Do you want to better quantify the investment (both social and monetary) you are putting into a relationship? If so, Karmascore is the app for you.

Afraid of tracking your interpersonal relationship? Ask yourself this: do you track spending, fitness, calorie consumption, sleep, or water intake?


If you answer "yes", you do this because you know how fallible our minds are at remembering key details. Also, you know the time you spend doing this pays dividends by giving you better control in that domain. Karmascore can help you do that for your interpersonal relationships.

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