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About Us

Karmascore is a relationship analytics app that combines the power of metrics and memories. Our app aims to answer a question that everyone has asked, no matter the type of relationship:


“Am I making the right emotional investments?”


Our app helps you visualize your emotional exchanges using a “Karmascore”. This score is attached to the memories you share with your relationships. Over time, these memories reveal the health of your overall relationship.


We're an ambitious, woman-founded start-up that believes the key to lifelong happiness is cultivating high-quality connections. Discover the power of relationship analytics by downloading our demo today!

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The image is of a phone with an app page displayed on it. The app interface shows a blue title at the top labeled “create a relationship”, below, it reads “Create a Relationship: Create a relationship with whom you want to share your beloved memories”. Below that text is a circle containing an empty profile picture, with a simplified grey silhouette of a person. There is a small pink plus icon to the bottom right of the circle, hinting at adding an image. Below that is an option to type in the person’s first name, then below, last name. A seperate section fits below that, labeled “Everyday Icons”. Three are listed with labels underneath. From left to right they are “Aquiantence” with a flower pot illustration. “Child / Mentee” with an illustration on one large featureless human, and one small featureless human. And lastly “Family” with an illustration of a featureless family photo, hanging on a wall. The phone case is metallic.

Meet the Team

Volunteers Packing Food

Karmascore Kares

One of the most impactful relationships we can have is the one we share with our community. Karmascore's team is committed to making an impact not just with our app, but within our own communities. 

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