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Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Household for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Let's face it: a chaotic household makes for a chaotic lifestyle. It's not rocket science. Organizing our living space will create a better atmosphere, and healthier conditions, and teach good habits that pass down to young ones. This can be easier for people who are inherently organized, but much harder for others who have few time-management skills. Life gets busy, but no matter—we need to find a way to put some structure in our household before it gets out of hand. If there's a will, there's always a way! So, how do we organize our homes when we are too busy working and raising kids?

Spring is a great time for decluttering. You can even turn cleaning into a family activity. Make it fun and let everyone participate and contribute. Be receptive to any ideas, even from the little ones—they might surprise you!

Let's start by identifying our household inventory: what we have, where we have it, and what we keep. Sort what we can donate or throw away.

"A simple rule of thumb is that every household item must be in the right placement, and everything we store must be properly organized for easy access, easy purging, and easy restoration after each use. Whether it's on our living room shelves, in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, pantries, bedroom closets, game rooms, garages, or outdoor sheds, we can declutter every space in our household and create organized spaces for the real necessities that make our lives easier and healthier!"

Here are some helpful tips to declutter, clean, and organize your home:

  • Declutter and remove unnecessary items in every room.

  • Donate or throw away any unused items within 6 months to a year.

  • Purchase inexpensive organization containers for each room.

  • Maximize shelving in bedroom closets, pantries, and garages.

  • Label items in containers for easy access and restoration.

  • Store seasonal items in the garage or outdoor storage sheds.

  • Use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

  • Assign each member of the household to be in charge of a common space.

  • Adults in the household must lead by example.

  • Reward young members who keep their bedrooms clean and organized with a "fun experience gift."

"A fun experience gift is very important to consider, as giving little tangible gifts may add more clutter. Spending time together is a gift worth remembering!"

As we organize our homes this spring, it's also a good time to sort out the various relationships that contribute to our lifestyle. If you feel that there are connections that weigh you down, whether it's family members, friends, colleagues, or anyone in between, it's time to think of addressing your own self-care and mental wellness.


Karmascore can help. We are a woman-founded relationship analytics company. Our mobile app provides relationship management and scoring for today's focus on self-care and mental wellness. It's the first of its kind that tracks progress towards building better relationships. Measure the moments that matter, and eliminate stress. Download our free app from the iOS or Google Play App Store, and for more information, visit

When you are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy, you have more love to give

Let's nurture, measure, and thrive!

By Virginia C. Dori CMO at Karmascore

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