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Mental Fatigue: Catch it early, and Recovery is Possible!

May is “Mental Health Awareness” month, and it’s an important subject to address. We are a generation of multi-taskers and high-achievers. New innovative technology presents us with more information, everywhere, all of the time. Amidst this chaotic environment, we may not notice anything wrong with our mental health - that is, until it’s become so neglected it demands our attention. So how do we know we’re immersed in this cycle?

“When sleepless nights, restless days and the feeling of inability to concentrate come our way … these are the signs of mental fatigue. It’s best to acknowledge these early-on so we can plan, understand and find ways to improve and get ourselves out of this dilemma.”

We can start with self-reflection. When you take into account the things that are in your control, versus the things that are not in your control, you’ll likely find that you spend a significant amount of time stressing about the latter. Devote a moment to accepting this, and letting the uncontrollable things go. Who knows! You may even laugh about the things you used to stress about.

It will also be a great idea to discuss this with the family or other members of the household. Having an open dialogue can minimize this lingering cycle, and also prevents ourselves from living through the stress alone.

Mental health is of utmost importance; it promotes longevity, affects your loved ones, and provides clarity in our day-to-day choices. It must be our top priority! This month is also a good time to sort out the various relationships we keep that contribute to our lifestyle. If you feel that there are connections that weigh you down, whether it’s family members, friends, colleagues, and anyone in between, it’s time to think of addressing your own self-care and mental wellness.


Karmascore can help. We are a woman-founded relationship analytics company. Our mobile app provides relationship management and scoring for today's focus on self-care and mental wellness. It's the first of its kind that tracks progress towards building better relationships. Measure the moments that matter, and eliminate stress. Download our free app from the iOS or Google Play App Store, and for more information, visit

When you are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy, you have more love to give

Let's nurture, measure, and thrive!

By Virginia C. Dori CMO at Karmascore

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