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Mutual Respect Makes A Loving Relationship Flourish!

LOVE is in the air … when you love someone you do just about everything to make it work. Respecting each other’s beliefs, boundaries, space and lifestyle is necessary to sustain a long-lasting partnership. This may sound complicated for some, however, if you think of what’s at stake, ignoring it could be the biggest mistake in a relationship.

Love and respect promotes a sustainable, loving relationship. It develops a couple’s resilience, and helps them to cope with life’s imperfections.

How do we keep mutual respect in mind?

“It’s all about understanding and knowing the triggers that may be sensitive to our partners. When we are mindful of these issues, we can avoid them. Addressing them honestly early in the relationship will prepare each couple to manage life’s ups and downs. Being insensitive can result in huge misunderstandings, prolonged arguments, or worst case, may lead to a break-up!”

When it comes to respecting each other, the key ingredients are patience and practice. The ability to understand that respect should be a reciprocal attitude towards each other is crucial.

NOTE: This is not the same as settling, this is your ability to engage in conversations with consistent self-control, and knowing that every interaction has its own ramifications.

For example … if your partner needs alone time for a few hours once a week to recharge or rejuvenate, you need to be able to accommodate. Again, when it’s been discussed early in the relationship, it can be part of the plan and be manageable.

But sometimes, we can’t avoid the inevitable disagreement, and we get frustrated. We always hear that we need to think twice before we speak. Once it’s out there, it’s going to take a lot to take it back, and sometimes it’s too late to do something.

“Remember that love is what brought you together in the first place, and respect is what binds your love’s journey in good times and bad times. Applying respectful gestures on a regular basis is a good practice, which results in a good habit that makes your love flourish!”

Mutual respect isn’t limited to just romantic partnerships; it also applies to all other relationships, such as relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, bosses and anyone in between. If you feel that you’re getting the short end of the stick, you need to assess your relationships and identify which ones may be toxic and weighing you down.


Karmascore can help … we are a relationship analytics mobile app solution that can assess the various relationships you keep; it can help you eliminate the undesirables, build a better life partner and reduce stress for a healthier you! Let’s nurture, measure and thrive!

By Virginia C. Dori CMO at Karmascore

Nurture * Measure* Thrive

Karmascore is woman-founded relationship analytics company, a mobile app solution for relationship management and scoring, for today’s focus on selfcare and mental wellness. It’s the first of its kind that tracks progress and efficiency, to build and manage better relationships, measure the moments that matter and eliminate stress. Download our free app from iOS or Google Play App Store, and for more information visit:

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