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Don’t Let This Year’s Mistakes Carry Over, Have A Better Plan And A Productive 2023!

We make New Year’s resolutions all the time, however many don’t have the tenacity, drive, and commitment to achieve those goals. As life gets busy, self-care becomes less of a priority. It’s understandable, but it’s important to figure out how to take care of our loved ones, and ourselves.

How do we make time for ourselves, and still manage the rest of our family commitments?

Let’s look at the way we manage our time every week. If you don’t create a weekly family or household activity list, it’s time you do so. It’s the only way to find out where our time is spent, every hour and every day. This will also help address where we are wasting quality time that could have been utilized a lot better.

For an added fun element, include all members of your household in the planning session. Be flexible and receptive to ideas, but be mindful that someone needs to take control, to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

A simple weekly activity calendar that you can post on your refrigerator or a whiteboard will do the trick. The kitchen is always the best place as it’s a daily focal gathering zone.

Life is all about planning and execution, and when we don’t plan ahead, chaos and confusion can be troublesome. It can complicate and derail our already busy life! It’s important to acknowledge that mistakes happen, but you can always improve the situation when you have a plan. Let’s learn from this year’s mistakes and avoid carrying them over to the new year!

Once you get used to the routine, you’ll be able to set aside time for yourself. You might feel guilty, but don’t! Remember, everyone deserves to have some time to recharge. And when you are healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, you have more love to give.

The way we manage our time also affects the way we engage in various relationships. Our time can contribute to the abundance of happiness (positive aura) or to the things weighing us down (negative aura).

Spending time with the wrong people, who negatively affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being is a waste of time. Many don’t even realize that they are living a toxic lifestyle, and some can lose years of being absorbed in unhealthy lifestyles. That’s why recognizing healthy relationships, and avoiding bad ones is an important aspect of managing our time. Let’s choose how to better spend every minute, from this year, into the next.


Karmascore can help … we are a relationship analytics mobile app solution that can assess the various relationships you keep; it can help you eliminate the undesirables, build a better life partner and reduce stress for a healthier you!

Let’s nurture, measure and thrive!

By Virginia C. Dori CMO at Karmascore Nurture * Measure* Thrive

Karmascore is woman-founded relationship analytics company, a mobile app solution for relationship management and scoring, for today’s focus on selfcare and mental wellness. It’s the first of its kind that tracks progress and efficiency, to build and manage better relationships, measure the moments that matter and eliminate stress. Download our free app from iOS or Google Play App Store, and for more information visit:

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