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Love and its Many Languages

Love is in the air. Love is everywhere!

We all communicate love in different ways, and that’s ok. Love is spoken in a multitude of languages.

We can speak with many tongues when it comes to love. In this month’s blog post, we look at love languages: what they are, how they’re communicated, and in what ways we can express them to those we hold most dear.

Words of Affirmation

"Express words of love and appreciation often."

We find the words that confirm, the words that lift, the words that fill their souls with happiness and contentment. Words of affirmation are positive words, things we can say to brighten someone’s day and lift them higher. People who give and receive love through words of affirmation tend to be the people who notice and care about the details of other people's lives. We know that’s you. You can lift them higher!

How to Communicate:

  • Encourage

  • Affirm

  • Appreciate

How to Show:

  • Send an unexpected card

  • Shoot a digital text or note

  • Verbally give genuine praise

2. Gift Giving

Give a thoughtful gift without occasion. It’s not about cost. It’s the thought that counts.”

All gifts should be symbolic. No material thing given in love should be merely an object, but rather it should embody the feelings and inexpressible words of love that you feel towards the one who receives them.

Take time to select gifts that are specific to the person you are going to give them to. Make sure that the gift speaks to the feelings you have in your heart for them. Tangible gifts given in the spirit of inexpressible feeling can change a person’s day, their month, and sometimes their lives.

How to Communicate:

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Meaningful selection

  • Time and effort

How to Show:

  • Thoughtful gifts and gestures

  • Items that trigger memories

  • Something personal

3. Physical Touch

Hugs, Kisses, and Holding hands.”

We all know one. A kisser. A cuddler. A hugger. This one is for them. For those who get the warm fuzzies from a soft hug or an affirming pat on the back, physical touch is the way to go. Now, let it be understood, the love language of physical touch does not have to have any sexual undertones or motivations to it.

Physical touch can express love in pure and perfect ways, and we know there are persons in your life who can use your gentle embrace. So, find that kisser and plant a smooch. Hunt down that hugger and squeeze till they wheeze. Corner the cuddler in your life and cuddle them like there is no tomorrow!

How to Communicate:

  • Non-verbal

  • Body language

  • A calm demeanor

How to Show

  • Hugs & kisses

  • Holding hands

  • Make intimacy a thoughtful priority

4. Quality Time

Focused and undivided attention spent together.”

There is only so much of it in any one person’s life. Time. Nobody ever has time; they must make time. This is one of the reasons why giving your time to someone else can mean so much to them. You can never get back the time you gave them, and they give their time to you in return.

Giving of your time is a way to exchange a gift with another that neither party can ever return for in-store credit. We know there is somebody in your life that can use a great measure of your time and attention. Turn off the tablet, silence your cell phones, please. Take time to make time and give it to someone you love.

How to Communicate:

  • Uninterrupted togetherness

  • Focused conversations

  • One-on-one

How to Show:

  • Create special moments

  • Take small walks

  • Do things together

5. Acts of Service

Anything, big or small. Serve from the heart and you will start to serve all.”

Service is the way to show those who matter most that you are willing to assist them and give of yourself for them. You want to do something special for them, because they are special to you. Service can be small or grand, but all forms of services originate in the heart.

When we truly give service to others, we give them a piece of ourselves. Take some time to ponder on ways you can serve those who are dear to you. You may just discover that there is some service you can render that will mean worlds to the ones you love.

How to Communicate:

  • Make it thoughtful

  • No ulterior motive

  • Do something they can’t do for themselves

How to Show:

  • Take out their trash bins

  • Shovel a walkway

  • Help guide someone who needs it

Written by Michelle Nielson, KARMASCORE Content Creator


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